I have to say that we have been pretty lapse when it comes to the Anderida Gorsedd websites over the years. The first was a rather mixed up affair created with Dreamweaver when I had very little idea about design. Then around 8 years ago we changed the site to one being run by Apple’s iWeb program, which Apple stopped supporting about 5 years ago. Neither of these had a built in way for us to know just how many people were visiting the Anderida site.

It felt like we were a very local group doing our thing for the community in and around the South East of England.

Then earlier this week I created the current site, complete with a good design, and a visitor counter.

Oh… my… Gods.

The site has only been live a short time but already I am amazed by the daily hits we are getting. Maybe we got them all along. I have no idea, but to all of you, welcome! We hope you enjoy the website, and our events, and we promise to keep the site up to date from now on!

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Last Modified: January 23, 2014