AnderidaFest 2018 Booking opening soon

Yes it’s been quiet with the news here but all of the speakers, musicians, and entertainers have now been confirmed for AnderidaFest 2018 and tickets will go on sale here in the next week or so!

Advance booking now closed

Advance booking for AnderidaFest 2016 is now closed.

There are still a few tickets available on the day at £25. Only a few days to go and with such great speakers, stalls, and entertainment, you’re going to have a great day!

Autumn camp 2015 Ticket Date

Tickets for the Anderida Gorsedd Autumn camp will go on sale at 8pm on Thursday 16th July. Just drop by then and the link will be on the front page of this website.

AnderidaFest 2015

Mark your diaries folks! AnderidaFest will be back at the Southwick Community Centre on Saturday the 31st January 2015.

More news as speakers are booked!

Spring Camp 2014 – Now Sold Out

Well that’s it folks, our Spring camp has sold out.

Tickets went on sale at 8pm last night as announced on the Facebooks group, Twitter, and through the Message Board email list, and sold out in just over 35 minutes. So if you wanted to come, I hope you got your ticket in time! If you didn’t, you can write to us using the contact form and be placed on a cancellation list.

Thanks everyone, and here’s to a great camp!


In July 2009 we held our first ‘AnderidaFest’ at the wonderful Southwick Community Centre. We followed that up with another equally successful conference in 2010.

In 2011 we moved AnderidaFest to our camp field and over 150 people came along to celebrate a themed event of The Goddess and the Green Man.

After AnderidaFest 2011 we had two years off and AnderidaFest slipped into the Cauldron of Changes as we planned a rebirth in 2014.

Anderida camps are at the very far ends of Britian’s campability (not a real word, but you probably know what I mean), being in early May, and late September. So to fit in that that we chose to move AnderidaFest from July, to Imbolc. After the parties of Yule and New Year we felt that people would be ready to meet up again, and kick off the festivities of the year.

It was a risk. Snow, and other adverse weather at that time of year can cause issues. But people came, and it was a resounding success.

So, at least for a further two years we will aim to hold AnderidaFest around Imbolc. To kick off the early Spring with talks, music, and celebration.

Camp Dates 2014

It’s been brought to our attention (thanks Tim!) that the camp dates for 2014 weren’t on our AG camp page.

Sorry for that oversight!

They have been added now and are :

Camp dates 2014 –

Spring Camp – 9th  – 11th May

Autumn Camp – 12th – 14th September

If you see anything else missing or broken links, do let us know.

We had no idea!

I have to say that we have been pretty lapse when it comes to the Anderida Gorsedd websites over the years. The first was a rather mixed up affair created with Dreamweaver when I had very little idea about design. Then around 8 years ago we changed the site to one being run by Apple’s iWeb program, which Apple stopped supporting about 5 years ago. Neither of these had a built in way for us to know just how many people were visiting the Anderida site.

It felt like we were a very local group doing our thing for the community in and around the South East of England.

Then earlier this week I created the current site, complete with a good design, and a visitor counter.

Oh… my… Gods.

The site has only been live a short time but already I am amazed by the daily hits we are getting. Maybe we got them all along. I have no idea, but to all of you, welcome! We hope you enjoy the website, and our events, and we promise to keep the site up to date from now on!

A New Website!

It’s been a long time coming but at last the Anderida Gorsedd have a new website!

Here you’ll find details of our rituals, camps, moots, conferences and other events that we’ll be holding in Sussex for the Pagan community. A part of this will be regular updates that will appear in this blog. So if you want to be kept put to date with all things Anderida, why not subscribe to the blog via email or the RSS feed. We won’t be bombarding you with information, just necessary updates.