In July 2009 we held our first ‘AnderidaFest’ at the wonderful Southwick Community Centre. We followed that up with another equally successful conference in 2010.

In 2011 we moved AnderidaFest to our camp field and over 150 people came along to celebrate a themed event of The Goddess and the Green Man.

After AnderidaFest 2011 we had two years off and AnderidaFest slipped into the Cauldron of Changes as we planned a rebirth in 2014. We chose to move AnderidaFest from July, to Imbolc. After the parties of Yule and New Year we felt that people would be ready to meet up again, and kick off the festivities of the year.

It was a risk. Snow, and other adverse weather at that time of year can cause issues. But people came, and it was a resounding success. We held another in 2015 and now the AnderidaFest conference is a yearly event.